Sunday, April 22, 2012


Abigail turned 2 on March 5, 2012. I'm only about two months behind on posting about this. I'm just swamped and I don't like to give up the time I DO have to just relax with my loves to blogging. So I really only have my lunch hour to do it...and let's face it - I'm usually working through or playing on pinterest then!

Anyhow, we had two celebrations for Abigail and neither was big like last year. I just didn't want to do that this year. We had one celebration with my side of the family - including my dad who flew in for a week just to spend time with Abigail. He also spent a few nights with us and shared a room with her! Whenever I peaked in on them, they seemed happy as clams. We had lasagna, salad and cupcakes for Abigail's big day.

We also celebrated on THE day with Dan's family - They got to have cake with Abigail also and sing to her! I have the photos on my phone but need to download them. I'm sure it'll take me a couple months to do that as well. Sorry all!! I'll try to be better.

Abigail got lots of books, clothes, toys, and an AWESOME toy car. At first she was a bit frightened of it, but as long as she is in Daddy's lap while we run it, she will laugh and laugh over it! Not that Dan minds having Abigail in his lap at all!!

Here are a few photos I HAVE uploaded on and around her big day. I'll try to remember to get more up there.

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