Thursday, April 12, 2012

Too Long!

I can't believe I haven't posted in over a month! Well, actually, I tried making a post about two weeks ago but blogger wouldn't process it or something...then I just go swamped. Now I have to do one of those generic update posts! If I have time, I'll then do some posts focused solely on our sweet girl!!

DANIEL: Trying to figure out classes for the Fall - not easy when they fill up so fast since his school is having record enrollment. Watching Abs daily now that mom really can't do so - it's better all around. It keeps our relationship with her a bit more healthy and we feel better about it. Dan and Abigail love each other so much - it's like two peas in a pod...surprisingly I don't feel left out because she has plenty of hugs to go around! Daniel is also trying his hand at plants this spring and summer...I've left it in his hands. Last year's attempt on my part was so disheartening...we didn't get tomatoes til October and November and even then they weren't the best! Of course, he's also been enjoying a couple favorite video games...but reading seems to be his biggest hobby right now. Another reason I love him so much!!

ROBIN: Fully transitioned into new position at work. Almost 4 months of backlogged work to chip away at. Each day at work is a challenge but that's what I asked for. I'm learning a ton. My trainer is great. Best of all, I still have the same co-workers I love, I just sit about 50 feet from where I used to! I'm trying to get back into reading because it helps me relax. Each night I prepare dinner for the next night (unless I'm planning on a basic chicken/veggie meal. When I get home I'm able to pop it into the oven and spend more time with family.

Daniel and I are both still loving our callings as ward missionaries; we have really been working with one family and Daniel is baptizing one of the girls in the family this weekend. What a blessing for them and for us! We are also trying to be a bit more active to lose a bit of weight...we'll see....

ABIGAIL: Had her two month check up and is 33 inches (20th percentile) and 24.3 lbs (15th percentile) and BMI is 15%. She is perfect in our eyes! The pediatrician though, wants to see her put on more weight. We have to go back to see him in about 6 weeks and he wants to see her having gained a bit of "healthy" weight. Meaning we can't just stuff her with pizza and cheetos, although she'd love it if we did. I tried to explain she is beyond active (as in never stops moving, even when asleep) but he said that wasn't the cause. i tried to tell him we feed our child often but she doesn't always eat. He offered some suggestions and some seem to be working. She is finally eating breakfast at least 50% of the time. She snacks for lunch and then eats a bigger dinner. I won't lie - I've been giving her dessert more too! I don't want another appointment after this one until her 3 year visit!! We also are seeing a specialist for some info on Abigail's transitions...but more on that in another post. I promise! I'll also give more specifics about her birthday celebrations, Easter, family events, etc. I PROMISE!

PS - these photos were taken a few weeks...check out Crickett's website!! We are on there a few posts down! Isn't she AMAZING?! Definitely consider using Crickett to take your photos if you want something more professional...

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