Friday, July 27, 2012


I've become a bad blooger. A mommy blogger. I've been so busy with work and life I've really let the blog fall by the wayside and haven't blogged about important things like my child's 2 year birthday (in detail), our 7 year (SEVEN YEARS!) anniversary, etc.

So, in an effort to be a bit are a few things Abigail did the other evening that had us cracking up:

1) Because she is TWO, Abs is now slightly aware that something is under that diaper. In an effort to keep our parrot from screaming a word no one really wants their 2-year old screaming all the time, I cleverly identified said "something" as "girl parts." I thought I was super smart.

Til Wednesday night when Abs was in the back seat playing with her Cinderella doll (courtesy of Grandma & Grandaddy!) and we heard her mumbling something. Dan said, "I think she is saying 'girl parts,'" and I said, "That's right, Abby! You have girl parts!" I thought I was a genius in reinforcing this concept...she piped up and said, "Cinderella has girl parts too, Mommy! Girl parts!"

This is true. We were CRACKING UP!!

Later that night, she accosted our male cat, WallE and pointed out HIS "girl parts" as well. Again - dying laughing.

2) Abigail has a cash register and surprisingly, although she is 2, knows that we use our debit card (she even says "swipe your card!") or cash to pay at registers. The same night as "girl parts" she was playing with the register, pulled out her fake money and said to Daniel, "You want forty dollas?"

Yes, we do.

3) SAME NIGHT - I found Abigail's pacis (don't EVEN get me started - sore subject for me!) all chewed up because she uses them like chew-toys and was irritated we'd have to pay for new ones. Just bought these a month ago!

I called her over, "Abigail Daisy! You come here and talk to Mommy!"

She looked at me through those long blonde bangs and said, "Mmmm....maybe, no." And went back to counting her "money."

Daniel just said, "She is all yours."

It's true...

Look at this character! She is just toooo much! Excuse the funny line...don't know why it's there.

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