Saturday, October 6, 2012

Bathroom Re-Design

I've been on a re-decoration kick during the past few months. Dan can blame Pinterest, and even moreso, Young House Love for this problem. I have lots of ideas but my budget is extremely tight. I decided to start on our upstairs bathroom.

In an effort to get Daniel in the mood to help, I let him help pick the paint color. We were shooting for a pale blue. No, not THAT shade of blue from the school down the street, but very very pale. On a fluke, Daniel picked up a flyer with paint colors and saw a green he liked. I "fake agreed," meaning I figured I"d buy a little paint sample, we'd hate it, and we could go back to my idea of blue.

I bought the sample, slapped it on the wall in a few places and was in love. The swatch of paint looked like the far left...lots of green. But the color on the walls looks more like the very bottom shade....maybe a smidge lighter. Once I saw this photo and the paint on the walls in a couple spots, I was sold.
So that was my theme...SEAGLASS. Calming, relaxing, FRESH, and clean.

Since then, I've primed the cabinet doors, researched how I will frame our mirror like this (for only like ...won't distress it though!:

And I'm still trying to choose a shower curtain and shelving for the walls. I'd like to find a white ruffle shower curtain a la Anthropologie but those are SO EXPENSIVE for basically a curtain that I can't justify it. I am now on the hunt for some beige and white chevron patterned fabric, like this but with beige not grey....although grey MAY work:

Still unsure if I want to go with the more expensive glass shelving that will look sooooo good and very water-like in the bathroom with the paint color but are hard to keep clean as they attract gunk...or if I want to go with white shelving or cabinets. The base of the sink cabinet is already primed for white paint so...white may be best. Just not sure.

Also need to start collecting little knick knacks and such for the bathroom when it's done to make sure it's cute as can be.

Don't think we'll be tackling the fixtures without someone's help...I'm too scared of the wires. I may call my brother in for that!

I plan to post photo updates as we go so....keep checking back!!

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