Thursday, October 4, 2012

When Was the Last Time...

I was wrong. Abs was 2 years and SEVEN months when I posted this. Another indication I cannot count at all.

I gave a REAL Abigail update? When was the last time I blogged about something that wasn't mainly Abigail? Both - a really long time ago.

So, today you get the Abigail update.

She is officially 2 1/2 (in 1 1/2 hours). Some days these years seem like they fly by, that I was just in that hospital room asking for pain management, just convinced I'd screw this up. Other days, which we're experiencing more lately, drag on forever. After all, Abs is in the middle of the terrible twos...our charming, sweet, loving girl morphs into what we affectionately call, "the beast."  Here is some more insight into Abigail and our lives now that she is 2 1/2:


630-7am: awake (this has been varying because she is now in big girl bed
730: dressed, breakfast (at least milk, sometimes she refuses food in the morning and those mornings she gets Carnation instant breakfast in her milk, unbeknownst to her)
8-830: drop of Mommy, then Abs at work and school respectively then Daddy runs errands, does household chores, checks on Granny, etc
12-1: Leaves school, has lunch, watches one Max & Ruby (we think Ruby is a real jerk!)
1-3ish: nap (this time is a little flexible as she is still adjusting to her bed and likes to play a little once she goes down) We are currently discussing shortening her naps to 1 hour.
3-430ish: snack, can play in her room with Daniel or do art
5: pick up Mommy from work
615: Dinner
7: bath
7:30: quiet play, reading, or TV show in the dark
8: bedtime

Can vary slightly in the AMs on the days she doesn't have preschool but it's a pretty great schedule for her.

Some new things:
-Big girl bed! Abs loves it! She is so teeny in that bed. We are only 1/4 to the point I'd like to be at for her room to be done...but it is the neatest room in the house. She is good about helping clean her room.
-Hates her carseat. Can hardly stand 20 minutes in the seat and will cry and throw down the rest of the car ride.
-Biting a few times at school. I hate that. We're working on it hard core. I may have to just bite her back. Things we are doing are only temporarily working. *sigh*
-Abs has opinions about everything. EV.RY.THING.
-She loves to sing. Her favorite songs right now are: I am a Child of God, Jesus Loves Me, He's Got the Whole World in His Hands, Twinkle Twinkle and BINGO. I think we sing these songs non-stop and she does as well.

There are plenty more updates but Momma is a tired girl so I leave you with this photo of our sweet 2 1/2 year old sweet baby!!

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