Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A slight variation

I'm trying to do better at blogging. And I'm sucking at that attempt. Anyhow, I noticed multiple people on blogs I like to read doing "5 Things You Never Knew About Me" and thought "that's something I have time for!" SO, instead of blogging about Abs like I normally do...I'll try this.

1) I am surprised to find out that I enjoy cooking. I am a somewhat picky eater and have to be careful of my diet sometimes due to an illness, as well as a picky toddler and husband, but I've enjoyed trying new recipes, cooking for my family almost nightly (don't count this week, please!) and love hearing my husband gush over how good a meal tastes. On that same note, I'm NOT a good baker. I like recipes where I can just guesstimate "1 cup" or 1 "tablespoon" and that's not baking....

2) I have a really hard time forcing myself to bed at night. If I'm asleep at 10, I can get up at 6 or 630 with no issues...but usually I'm up until 11 or 1130  and pounding back the Diet Cokes to stay alert during the day. And it's not like i'm up doing anything productive. I'm just watching TV and enjoying a little bit of alone time (Dan usually crashes by 10....he's good about that).

3) My OCD expresses itself in odd ways. Like when I mentioned drinking Diet Cokes. Well, we all know they are bad for us but my body is hooked on them and I've tried giving them up - it's not going to happen. Anyway, to make sure I don't drink more than what they say is "safe" each day I do this thing where I limit myself to two cans only, splitting each can in half. I allow myself to drink half a can, then must drink to glasses of water. Then I can drink the other half. Then I have to drink one glass of water. Then I do the same with the second can. But I can't start the second can before noon. Needless to say I'm in the bathroom a lot at work. I also have an alarm clock quirk (among  many others I won't mention unless you beg me to do so!)

4) I desperately want to be able to decorate my house well and pick out decorating schemes and color schemes for my home and I can't ever quite get it right. SO, in turn we have white walls and lots of ideas...but nothing happening. I'm determined to get Abigail's room painted (partly to cover the drawing she has done that I cannot get off), the upstairs bathroom painted, and our downstairs (HUGE) done this year. I dont' know what I'll do after that....

5) I have major insecurities regarding my job, my abilities as a mother and wife, as a house keeper, etc. I don't know how or why but they seep out sometimes and can really affect me negatively. I try to stifle them and a lot are surprised to learn this...but it's true!

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