Saturday, May 4, 2013

3 Year Well Care

Only two months too late. And I'll add photos later too.


Height: 36 inches (3 feet on the nose!) - 20th percentile

Weight: 28 lbs (3 lb gain last year -just what the doctor wanted!) - 20th percentile

BMI: 15% - 30th percentile

Hearing, great

Depth perception, great

Vision: 20/40 for now. This is a funny story! Abs was naming off what she saw on the sign and a crescent moon popped up. I was like "She won't know this" and then Abs pipes up "It's a crescent." Jaw, meet floor. BUT, then they point to a flag with stripes and she says, "That looks like french fries." I was dying. So...not sure if she is 20/40 or just has a french fry obsession.

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