Saturday, August 10, 2013

Get Moving

This post is not really kid related.

Thank goodness, right? It's ok for you to admit it. You either come here for Abigail info (which has been lacking but all the blog consists of now) OR you are desperately tired of Abigail info.

So, back to ME!

We joined the YMCA last month. We liked the facility when Abigail took her swim lessons. Then decided to submit paperwork for financial assistance. We hoped to get a rate of half off and half off child car. We got three week guest passes and went to the hot tub one day while we were Abigail-free. I nearly passed out, probably from overheating. Don't want to get into THAT story right now. Anyhow, the staff was so wonderful during that experience, we decided we'd join even if they didn't approve us and just sacrifice a date night or cut back on something else to make it work. That is seriously how wonderful they were.

Then we got great news! We got approved for 65% off of both childcare and the fee, and a reduced joining fee. We jumped on it!

Then Daniel and Abs started going and I didn't. I used the time at home to clean, paint my toenails, etc etc etc.


my dad came up to visit. He has had congestive heart failure for a couple years now and has done nothing to remedy it. He has had Type II Diabetes for over 15 years and done nothing to help it. I constantly worry about him, if what I prepare for him on our visits will make his ankles swell and cause fluid build up around his heart, if work is stressing his heart too much, etc. This past trip when he was here (a couple weeks ago), it ate me alive. I couldn't even enjoy cooking for him.

I decided to make a change. I don't ever want Abigail to worry about me and something like that. I know there are many other things she can, and if she is her mother's daughter, WILL, worry about. So, I started slowly.

Two weeks ago I promised myself I'd only take the stairs at work. Unless it was a bathroom emergency (my ulcerative colitis sometimes leaves me little time to get there - TMI, I know). The second day I did this, I texted my future (we hope!! Get with it and propose, Walter!) sister in law and said "I'd rather be fat, I hurt so bad!" She pushed me to keep going. I kept it up.

This past week, after two weeks of that, I added in going to the gym. I currently only walk for 30 mins and not super quickly. But each time is easier. I've already noticed a change in my endurance. Here are some other changes I've noticed after only FOUR real workouts:

1) Happier, more motivated mood. I wake up happier, I freak out/stress/worry less. I am mor productive and less sluggish at work. I feel very alert.

2) I'm sleeping great. Normally, I have to take Benadryl to fall asleep without worrying and getting anxious. Then, I toss and turn. All night. Whether or not I take the Benadryl. Now, I'm going to bed an hour LATER, waking up 45 minutes EARLIER and feeling a LOT more rested!!

3) Looking forward to workouts. Tonight, several things happened that stressed me. The first thing I thought was, "I need to go walk!"

I haven't lost any weight yet, and while I do have an 80-pound weight loss goal (and may add more later), my overall goal is to be a good example for Abigail, get all-around more healthy, and strengthen my heart.

I hope to update here to keep myself motivated. Daniel is there with me doing his own running. Abigail LOVES childcare and we are pleased with them so far.

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