Friday, August 30, 2013

Pretty Rotten News...

I always have the least interesting titles. Whatevs.

Today was pretty exciting for most of the day. We are one day from the beach and I had quite a bit of work to do before I could leave work (and our office did NOT close early!) and feel like everything was where it needed to be. But, I got it done. I felt very at peace leaving my work for a week.

We got home and I ordered dinner (hate to do it, but I don't want anything in the house to go bad and honestly, Daniel and I are both exhausted and didn't feel like going by the store. Abigail was outside with Daniel playing with her friends while I cleaned out the litter box and vacuumed the upstairs. Can you tell I like the house clean when I leave for a trip?

Anyhow, I came downstairs and saw my dad had called. He doesn't usually call, and rarely before 730 pm. I usually call HIM twice a week around 750 so he can talk to Abigail. I knew it was bad news before I called back.

I got Cheryl (his girlfriend) on the phone and she started saying, "I yelled at your dad real bad today and I'm glad I did because it probably saved his life." Now, back story. Last night, he told me on the phone he had a pain on the left side of his chest up high towards his shoulder. He sounded pretty bad and I was worried based on his history but just encouraged him to go see the doctor and told him that it was probably just a pulled muscle. He promised to go.

SO, basically when he went downstairs at work (he works in a hospital) they ran some tests, including a blood test looking for an enzyme saying he was having or had had a heart attack. Well, he had a heart attack. The enzyme was there. They rushed him up to the cath lab and went through his wrist up to his stint that had been put in two years ago. Get this. The stint was 95% blocked. It is only two years old. When I heard that I went from scared to angry. It takes a lot of very bad habits to make that happen. Anyhow, they cleared everything out, put him on new blood thinners and said he can go home sometime this weekend.

He sounded so much better. I am so thankful for modern medicine sometimes!! But he is going to have to start taking better care of himself of he will die. It's so hard to type and say those words but it's the truth. I told him I needed him around a lot longer and so does my brother and Abigail. He said he'd try, but who knows. Only time will tell.

I asked if we needed to come to him and be with him for a couple days before heading to the beach and he said no. He wants us to go on our trip and says he truly feels much better. I believe him, he sounds a ton better. I just miss him and want to hug him in times like this.

And....this story is exactly why I decided to take control of my life at the start of August. I know there are plenty of awful things that can happen, but I'd prefer it to not be something I can control.

I've lost 5 pounds this month. My only goal in this next week is to maintain my weight and get through four workouts (walks) while on vacation. I'm just not into those unrealistic goals. 5 pounds wasn't quite what I hoped for but I DO think I've lost more inches, especially on my legs and butt. When we get back, Dan and I are going to measure (get your head out of the gutter!). He is only measuring his stomach but I'm going to measure chest, arms, waist, hips and thighs. Probably calves too. That way when I'm not seeing direct weight loss I can measure and look at inches lost and see that I'm still progressing.

Anyhow, that's today's not so wonderful update. I'll be back sometime later this week!! Enjoy your holiday.

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