Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sweet Summertime

We've had a wonderful summer so far. Abigail has gone to the pool about every other day during the week and we go any Saturday the weather is nice. She has really become a fish! She's been in the pool or ocean since she was 3 months old but she is really blooming this year!

A couple pool shots. Sorry one is sideways and I'm too lazy to fix it!

Abigail is also enjoying time at the YMCA. We joined this summer and it's been a great decision. Now, we have two pools to choose from and they are very different pools. She also enjoys the child care they have there. I was very resistant to it, but the staff there is great and she is off on her own adventures with them before we can finish signing in her name. Dan has started running and his knee is holding strong. I'm going to join him Monday, heaven help me!! I plan to walk for two weeks before I start trying to run. I need to build up stamina because I have NONE. It's pathetic.

We are going to the beach with my side of the family in  4 weeks and could NOT be more ready!!

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