Saturday, September 21, 2013

All Sorts of Goings On!

Well, it's been a couple weeks since I updated. Here are the brief updates:

1) My dad seems to be doing well since his heart attack. He says he is eating better but has not incorporated exercise. I cannot control any of that but sure hope it's true because I love him and want him around for the long haul! What a close call! To many of those with him lately!

2) I've had a severe flare up with colitis. I continue to press through  during the day but I find I'm a lot more exhausted, hurting, and just generally a bit depressed over it all. I haven't had the energy to get to the gym and other road blocks have come up in the past two weeks so I've probably gotten in a REAL walk or hike only 3 times in the past 2 weeks. I'm trying. More on that later. The flare up has been ver difficult for me and makes me remember a time I didn't have one for two years...when I was pregnant and post-delivery! I'll be seeing my doctor in October but in the meantime....

3)...I'm cutting gluten. I'm not 100% gluten free. But I'm saving any bit of gluten I do want to eat (I still crave something really gluten-y daily, like pretzels, a piece of brownie, toast with my eggs, etc.). There is also a lot of gluten in products you don't realize. I am probably 80% gluten free this week and WHAT A DIFFERENCE!! I do not think I have Celiac's...from what I've read online, there's been some research done that shows that gluten products break down in the intestine in a certain way that can really irritate an already angry intestine. SO, my hope is that if I can get this flare to calm down (it is already WAYY better) and keep it calm for a few weeks, maybe I can slowly incorporate more gluten back in. However, if not, that's ok. I'll just reserve my gluten cravings to my at home/close to home meals in case anything goes wrong and go without otherwise. It's really worth it. I'm no where near ready to start looking at cooking baked goods and such without's intimidating so next week I'm going to hit Whole Foods and pick up some gluten free products for myself. They will be a little pricier but will last a lot longer with just me eating them. Like I said...I'm not totally gluten free because I don't have Celiac's....just need to cut way back on it.

4) Speaking of a diet revision....even though I haven't been able to work out much in the last two weeks, I've still lost weight. I know that's due to the drastic change in my eating, as well as an increase in my metabolism and being more active in general due to more exercise in general. I've now lost 9 pounds since starting this workout regime and 39-40 since my heaviest weight. I'm so proud. I really am. I'm sure it will be another 10 before others notice physical changes, but Daniel and I notice them.

5) New workout routine will begin this coming week, now that I've got my stomach under control. We are now shooting for Tues, Wed, Thurs and Saturdays with a family walk Sundays. We would prefer not to do this three days in a row but we've noticed that Mondays and Fridays are so hectic with other obligations and things popping up that we just can't handle it. So, we are going to see how this goes. We may throw in some weight training/toning exercises on that Wednesday in there to give your legs a break from walking/running...we'll just listen to our bodies and see what we need. I know how to use the weight machines so I can show Daniel...

6) Abigail is sick. Sick sick sick. She has a virus of some sort, sore throat, headache, lethargic, and a mild cough. No strep. We're pushing through it. We've eliminated almost everything this weekend except me taking Mom up to the Y to check things out, me teaching a lesson tomorrow in RS, and getting mom to Walmart for something. Don't get me started on that last item...seriously. Don't.

Anyhow....this is our wordy update for the past couple of weeks!

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