Monday, January 6, 2014


Abigail has been on a roll lately with the witty comebacks and hilarious comebacks. I wish I could write them all down the second she says them. Here are a few we've heard lately:

- Abs: "Mom, you are nocturnal!"
Me: "Abigail, do you know what that means?"
Abs: "Yes, like bats."

- Abs: "I think I'm gonna start working and get a job so I can have some money to spend."
Me: "Have at it!"

- Abs: "Why are we on Earth?"
Us: *deer in headlights*
My response has been, "To be happy and love each other"
Dan's response has been, "Because our bodies can't live on any other planet."
We're obviously taking different approaches to this question

This girl really cracks me up...these are just a few funnies but I wanted to be sure I recorded them now, before I forgot them!

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