Saturday, February 1, 2014

Going on 16....

Our hearts broke today. Audibly. As in, everyone in the hair salon heard and witness both mine and Daniel's hearts breaking. They were there for the exact moment!

After a Target run and Chik Fil A lunch, we let Abigail run out a lot of energy on the "grass" with about 10 other kids up at North Hills today. She ran for about 30 minutes before we told her it was time to go. Suddenly, she piped up, "I wanna get my hair cut!" We sort of blew it off, since she says this sometimes and doesn't really seem to mean it. 

This time, though, she kept insisting. So, we took her by Mitchell's where my hair dresser, Shelley, works and takes kids 3 years old and up. Unfortunately, she was booked for the entire day but suggest we go with another woman there. So, we did. 

Daniel and I hovered as we helped Abigail select a shoulder length haircut then, she told me that I could go sit down. Fine, Dad will stand or sit with her. She said, "I don't need you to. I can do this by myself."

CRUSHED!!! We were CRUSHED! I looked at Daniel and just knew he was feeling the same thing: "Our baby doesn't need us anymore!!!"
We may or may not have snuck this photo. Also, yes I know it's sideways.

So we went and sat where we couldn't do anything but spy in mirrors. We heard her directing the hair woman, "Shorter!!" and "This way!"

About 20 minutes later, she came out and we were staring at our 16 year old daughter, instead of our almost 4 year old daughter. 

Words cannot explain how grown up she looked/looks and how proud we are of our little baby girl who isn't such a baby!!
Photo by Melissa Benson...see how grown up she looks now!!


Lightning Tiger : about me and more said...

That's so sweet! I cant wait to be a mom. She is a beautiful little girl. You should be very proud.

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kold_kadavr_ flatliner said...

She's sooo beautifull...
wonderfull and adorable,
the parental units should
keep her high-up where no
evil can get2her...

But, yet, I know that aint reality.
In today's world - fulla heartbreaks,
greed, murder, false MissConceptions,
MS13 rampant, the best way is to
pray, pray, pray for her indelible soul.
Pray without ceasing in your workNprayer.

She's the most gorgeous, young woman
God Almighty has ever made and threw
away the Mold. God has placed HER soul
into OUR finite existence to grow-up,
literally as well as figuratively, to
Seventh-Heaven where we can all reunite.

God bless your indelible souls.